July 6th, 2009


Rec: Last Defence by Gillian Taylor

Hello, I'm juliet316and I'll be your friendly neighborhood reccer - oh wait, wrong fandom *blushes*

Anyways, I'll be bringing you some of what I think are some of the most wonderful stories I've come across in my time on Teaspoon. To help everybody with the Monday blahs, we'll start with some humor.

Story: Last Defence
Author: Gillian Taylor
Rating: All Ages/I would say about PG
Word Count: 3338
Author's Summary: When all hope is lost, who else can they turn to?
Characters/Pairings: Nine, Jackie Tyler, Rose Tyler

Recced because: It starts out with a dramatic situation for the Doctor and Rose, and quickly evolves into a dramedy when Jackie comes onto the scene. It's just a classic situation, with Nine being forced to trust the one person in the universe who can't stand him in order to save him and Rose from the particular pickle their in. Just a bit of drama, humor, and good - old fashioned Jackie Tyler slaps to bring about a story, that the reader could easily see as an episode of S1 of New Who. Last line is a hoot. :-)