November 16th, 2009


rec: Serenity's Shadow by Chryse

Hello! philosophercat here! I too will be reccing fics this week for your reading pleasure. *tips hat*

Title: Serenity's Shadow.
Author: Chryse.
Characters/Pairings: 5th Doctor, Nyssa of Traken, Tegan Jovanka, Adric.
Rating: All ages.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 28316.
Summary: Set after the events of the novel 'Cold Fusion' and before 'Earthshock'. Nyssa decides she wants to leave the TARDIS crew and make a new life for herself on the Trakenite colony of Serenity. But little does she realise 'there's no place like home'.

Recced Because: This work in progress is a worthy sequel to the serial Keeper of Traken, a powerful story difficult to follow up on. The regular characters are pitch-perfect, those invented by the author well rounded and memorable. Each element slots in nicely, the atmosphere and pacing would fit an actual episode from its era. In addition, it is worth noting that the author avoids many of the pitfalls fan fiction writers very often have in portraying Adric. He's given the same honest treatment as the others, which is just another way of saying the author's done her work well.

A Thorn in the Drum by Humansrsuperior

Hello! I'm EdgeofWorld and I will be reccing this week! I read quite a few different types of Doctor Who fics, but my favorites are Rose/Doctor pairings.
Don't worry - I won't fixate on those. I will show you all of my favorites; specifically the one's that have kept me sane living in Japan this year.
I'll apologize in advance if I rec anyone who has been recced before, I've gone pretty far back in the community to check, but there are a lot of posts in here.

Story: A Thorn in The Drum
Author: Humansrsuperior
Rating: R
Warning: Non-Consent
Author's Summary: Rose has been sent an invitation to Harold Saxon's campaign promotional dinner party. Little does she or the Doctor know that this is the first stage of an old enemy's twisted plan. Characters/Pairings: Rose/10th Doctor
Warnings: Implied torture; Rose goes through a lot.

Recced because: Take one Bad Wolfish Rose, one 10th Doctor at his most doctorish; add one nefarious time lord called the Master, mix well and let sit for one year that never was.
I am a sucker for Bad Wolfish Rose, especially when it involves saving the Doctor. This piece delievers beautifully. I adore all of Humansrsuperior's stuff, but this piece is one of her best.
It asks the question what if; what if Rose never got sucked into the parallel universe. What if she who met the Master, and not Martha at all?
What I really like about this piece is the plot. It's not all a fluffy romp in the world of No Doomsday rainbows. It has darkness, angst, and a serious dose of adventure. The first few chapters take place before season three, and then it jumps to after they've reunited with Jack.
Since it is Rose who is present and not Martha, it adds a whole new level to the Masters twisted plan. He has a new way to hurt the Doctor, and he exploits that horribly. No one denies that The Doctor cared for Martha, but he loved Rose - and The Master takes glee in abusing that connection.

Her details are wonderful. She describes the muscular and emotional changes in the characters vividly. Your own body will twinge in sympathy when one of the characters get hurt. Not to mention the sheer twistedness that is usually associated with The Master. Oh, and she throws in a good dose of UST for good measure.
This story has the best descriptions I've read in any form of literature, hands down! Read it and you won't be disappointed.