March 18th, 2010


A Very Original Sin, by X_Los

Story: A Very Original Sin
Author: x_los
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 6,797
Author's Summary: “Just my friendly pet goosnake. He makes a much better companion than a cat: just as independent, sheds less hair, and he's very hypoallergenic.” After the TVM, Eight acquires an unorthodox companion.
Characters/Pairings: Eight, goosnake!Master, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recced because: I know x_los was last recced less than a week ago, so forgive me, but I would have been sad not to recommend this one. Where last week's rec was based around a clichéd premise, this is an 'original' one i.e. what would happen if after the TVM the Doctor had travelled with the ridiculous CGI gooey snake version of the Master (not dead - but of course) for a bit? Crack yes, but no more than 'canon' gave us, and oh what glorious crack it is. One of the things I like best about my OTP is the dialogue - but if the Master's a snake, he doesn't have any (not much, anyway) - fortunately Eight is a Doctor who can keep up his end of the conversation. Another thing, then, then I like about Doctor/Master is that it is a ship that spans the pretty ones and the not as pretty as Paul McGann ones. Goosnake fic should be ridiculous, but actually it's just business as usual because the Doctor is the Doctor, and the Master is the Master even if he's a snake made out of bad 90s CGI, and that's shown very well here. Also it's silly, and very funny, and very sweet.

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