March 24th, 2010

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REC: Ordinary Day

Technically it's Wednesday now, but since I haven't gone to bed yet, I'll be calling this my Tuesday rec.

Story: Ordinary Day
Author: Doctor Tam
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2,073
Author's summary: In which Serenity is not impenetrable, Simon does some amateur xenobiology, and Mal learns to believe in something that isn’t logical. Firefly(post-BDM)/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Mal Reynolds, Zoe Alleyne, Fourth Doctor, Romana II, Kaylee Frye, Simon Tam, River Tam, Jayne Cobb, Inara Serra, Adric
Warnings: Crossover with Firefly. Spoilers for Serenity.

Recced because: Evidently Firefly takes place in E-Space. I'm not surprised.

Seriously, though, this is a very well done crossover. The character voices for both canons are pitch perfect. Doctor Tam does a very good Fourth Doctor in particular. Also, the encounter itself was done in a very organic matter that fit neatly in with both canons. It's the kind of thing that happens to the Serenity crew all the time, but it's also the sort of thing that happens to the Doctor. The title fits: this is an ordinary day. For all of them.
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REC: Ten Times The Doctor (Almost) Got Hitched

Story: Ten Times The Doctor (Almost) Got Hitched
Author: vvj5
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5549
Author's summary:You wouldn't believe how difficult it is for a passing Time Lord not to get married to famous historical women completely by accident. Seriously. Happens all the time.
Characters/Pairings: *takes deep breath* First Doctor/Cameca, Second Doctor/Mary, Queen of Scots, Third Doctor/Jane Austen, Fourth Doctor/Florence Nightingale, Fifth Doctor/Joan of Arc, Sixth Doctor/Boadicea, Seventh Doctor/Charlotte Bronte, Eighth Doctor/Christabel Pankhurst, Ninth Doctor/Elizabeth Woodville, Tenth Doctor/Elizabeth I, Ben, Polly, The Brigadier, Liz Shaw, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Tegan Jovanka, Vislor Turlough, Evelyn Smythe, Benny Summerfield, Charley Pollard, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness
Warnings: Real Person/Fictional Person Het

Recced because: Just knowing that this fic exists fills me with unholy glee. It's the sort of thing that I was hoping someone would write after last fall's Children In Need preview scene and I was so happy to find out that someone did. Every single one of the ten scenes that make up this fic is brilliant in its own way and every single character is drawn as if from life. The Sixth Doctor bit is especially hilarious. I also loved the Seventh Doctor bit for Benny's diary entries and the Third Doctor bit for containing one of my own personal ships. They're all good bits, however. Highly recommended for everyone.