April 29th, 2010

  • pitry

last train from iskenderun by jjpor

Story: Last Train from Iskenderun
Author: JJPOR
Word count: 9213
Rating: Teen
Author's summary: Bea remembers. She remembers fighting monsters, righting wrongs, defying death. And running. An awful lot of running.
Characters/pairings: Bea & Edgar Nelson-Stanely
Warnings: none.

Recced because: The who_like_giants ficathon has yielded a lot of wonderful stories, but if I have to pick up one, this is it. Taking mysterious Bea from the SJA episode "Eye of the Gorgon", it shows us not how she learned of Sontarans (exactly) or fighting aliens (exactly), but rather a charming tale about a woman meeting a man and the two falling in love... amidst Indiana Jones-esque running and archeology, and still makes complete sense Whoniverse-wise. In short, this one's complete joy from start to finish.