May 2nd, 2010

  • pitry

confessions and crocodiles by vvj5

Story: Confessions and Crocodiles
Author: vvj5
Word count: 2143
Rating: all ages
author's summary: Either the Doctor is having a nightmare featuring an odd girl in pyjamas, or Lynda Day is having yet another weird dream, this one involving a chatty, skinny guy... or something even stranger is going on this time.
Warning: Er, spoilers for Press Gang?

Recced because: Due to technical difficulties I didn't originally have a story to rec today. Now I'm glad I was a couple of fics short, because I don't have to bump any other story for this fresh-out-of-the-oven wonder. And I would have, because it's fantastic. It's a mixture of light hearted storytelling, Lynda Day's extremely entertaining pragmatism, and a very dark streak running underneath in either character's mind. It's sweet, funny and dark in the corner of your eye - everything that makes Doctor Who such a brilliant show. (and to those who fear of unknown crossovers, I don't think you need to watch Press Gang to appreciate it - I've only ever seen a couple of episodes).