May 4th, 2010


Deal by Yamx

Story: Deal
Author: Yamx
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4,265
Author's Summary: Jack has a problem, and believes he’s found an easy solution. The Doctor has a thing or two to say about that.
Characters/Pairings: Jack/9
Warnings: N/A

Recced because: I had a tough time deciding which of the stories in The "Deal" Series to rec; I enjoy all of them. I decided on this one because it's the one the series is named after.

This is the story of Jack's early days on the TARDIS, before Boom Town. Jack doesn't know how long the Doctor will allow him to stay on board, and he doesn't expect to be treated anything like Rose. This leads to a potentially dangerous decision and an agreement between Jack and the Doctor.

Yamx gets the voices just right. There are no grand or emotional declarations; just two men edging carefully around each other and into something new.

As I said, this is the namesake story of a series (it's actually the second); there are currently seven with an eighth "in progress". I'll cheat (a little) and recommend all of them.