May 7th, 2010

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Shades of Ianto by sarcasticchick

Story: Shades of Ianto
Author: sarcasticchick
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 34,165
Author's Summary: Ianto is more than just a teaboy.
Characters/Pairings: Ianto Jones, Jack/Ianto
Warnings: Muddled/dubious consent in chapter 4.

Recced because: This is an alternative view of Ianto Jones: his family, his heritage, his past and his abilities. It was written before Doctor Who Season 3 and Torchwood Season 2, so the information we discover from those wasn't available. I was, quite frankly, shocked that it hadn't already been recced.

In general, although there are exceptions other than this story, I don't enjoy Ianto protrayed as anything but a standard human with, at best, a middle class background. It is his humanity that I enjoy most about the character.

Shades of Ianto, however, although there's quite a bit of exceptional in both his background and heritage, keeps him "human"; he's still just a man in exceptional circumstances. He's not immortal, not overly powerful; he struggles with dealing with Canary Wharf, with Lisa, with Torchwood, with Jack. And it's those struggles that make the story.

I first read this story elsewhere, in which it was formatted as one long story. Here on Teaspoon, it's formatted as three; I've linked to the first "Prologue". There are two "Seasons" after that, but it is designed to be read as one story. The whole story is over 200,000 words.