May 10th, 2010

DW science geeks

Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?, by Rivendellrose

Story: Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?
Author: Rivendellrose
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1,481
Author's Summary: The Doctor's getting older, and not all his former companions are all that broken up about not staying with him forever. And that's not a bad thing.
Characters/Pairings: Ten, Liz Shaw
Warnings: None

Recced because: Traveling on his own – and moping about it on a beach – the Tenth Doctor encounters Liz Shaw, now much older and not fooled for a minute by the young man before her who calls himself "John Smith." It's a sweet, touching story, which makes it sound cloying, but it isn't; rather, it's a lovely portrait of two old friends reconnecting after having lost touch for many years.