May 29th, 2010


time and kaos by danny_b

Story: Time and KAOS
Author: Danny_B
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 21,407 in seven chapters
Author’s Summary: Time-travel in the hands of terrorists is a terrible prospect, and one which the Doctor must stop at all costs. Fortunately, he has help: Maxwell Smart, agent 86 of Control. He's really in trouble this time.
Characters/Pairings: the Third Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Susan Foreman, the Master (Ainley), Maxwell Smart, 99, the Daleks.
Warnings: None

Recced because: Those of you who have any passing familiarity with my own proclivities will not be surprised to find a Third Doctor fic this week, but when you add Ian Chesterton and a classic Maxwell Smart to the mix then stir well you’ve a real winner on your hands.

The cheesy malevolence of Get Smart’s KAOS is seeking the secret of time-travel and the author cleverly pegs not only the dialect of the bad guy mastermind Siegfried, but the well-intentioned cluelessness of Max as he deals with the flamboyance and confidence of the Third Doctor.  Add a middle-aged and confused Ian Chesterton and the Master, then top it all off with Susan in a  new and surprisingly believable regeneration and you have a brilliant day’s reading of cracky crossover entertainment ahead of you.   I expect a familiarity with the classic detective television show “Get Smart” would be very useful for full appreciation of this story, but it’s a grand romp to read either way.