June 7th, 2010

Rec: Doctor Who and the Great Eclipse

Hello, I happy to be your reccer for the next seven days. You will see through my choices I love variety. I am game for anyone in a pairing with the doctor as long as it is well written and believable. You never know what you like till you try it. I hope for the next seven days my selections seem very interesting and that you might find a new favorite among them. All my posts will happen around the same time as this one.I don’t get much of a chance to use the internet until around this time perhaps a little later. Enjoy.

Story: Doctor Who and the Great Eclipse
Author: GM_Andy
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 214254
Author's Summary: The Time War left him shattered and alone. Experiments left her shattered with voices in her head. Survival threw them together. You aren't scared of the dark, are you? Before he met Rose - he had to live through this. 9th Doctor, River and Simon Tam, The survivors of the Hunter-Gratzner (special guest star: 8th Doctor, selected flashbacks). Slashy elements, pre-slash really. A Doctor Who-Firefly-Pitch Black crossover
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (9th), The Doctor (8th), Richard B. Riddick, Richard B. Riddick/The Doctor (9th), Other Character(s)
Warnings: Explicit Violence, Swearing

Recced because:
It crosses 2 of my favorite shows and 1of my favorite movies. This is the second in a series called the Soul Web I skipped the first part of the series because I found it interesting I liked the crossovers of this series better. I like it because it is very well written, stays close to the Pitch Black plot, and a very interesting portrayal of The Doctor , the Time Lords and of the Time War. There are two sequels one completed and one that is a WIP that has no made it from FFN to Teaspoon. The Teaspoon site the one that are revised and has parts that require an adult rating that is not allowed on FFN.