July 4th, 2010

DW: TenRegeneration

Rec: Fracture by Kathryn Shadow

For my final rec this week, we're going to do the otherside of End of Time, dealing with Ten's regeneration and how it's possible for Ten to have a happy ending regardless of what we saw onscreen.  Also, I've neglected Ten a bit this week, so I need to give him a bit of love.

Story:  Fracture
Author:  Kathryn Shadow

Rating:  All Ages/PG
Word Count: 2169/One-shot
Author's Summary:  He raised a hand and looked at it—saw the glow. The end. Game over. Please try again. Canon-friendly EoT fixfic.

Characters/Pairings:  10th Doctor, 11th Doctor, Rose Tyler Ten.5/Rose Ten/Rose

Recced because:
  This rec is for all the people who are still heartbroken over the ending that Ten got in End of Time.  This scenario has been done a few times since EoT aired.  However this gives much sensitivity to Ten's feelings prior as the regeneration happens and his thoughts to the impossible event that happens in the aftermath.  It ranks up there to me as among one of the best EoT fix - its.  No excerpt as I'm not sure where I could put one without it being too terribly sad or spoilery to the story.