July 23rd, 2010


rec: And Seven For a Secret by Aeshna

Story: And Seven For a Secret
Author: Aeshna
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 57073
Charcters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Other Character(s)
Author's Summary: When Ben Haldane is left a cryptic note in his grandfather's will, it leads him to a story far stranger than he could ever have imagined.
Warnings: Explicit Violence, Swearing

recced because:
At 57k words, this fic is the length of a short novel. Make time to read it; it's that good. Set in WWII, it has Jack fighting the Nazi equivalent of Torchwood. In a castle. No more need be said.

I mean, I could also say that I love fics where we see Jack from the perspective of the regular people whose lives he touches, and that this does that brilliantly. I could compliment the characterization, and the fabulous OC's. I could talk about the story structure and the dialogue, and the way that Aeshna manages to capture the feel of a WWII war movie.

But mostly, it's about Jack fighting Nazis.

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