July 26th, 2010


rec: hung aloft the night by saywheeeee

 Hi! I will be your reccer for this week, and I'd like to offer you some treasures, both old and new. I should warn you that I love the eleventh Doctor, and have always been one to ship current!Doctor/current!Companion, so do expect some Eleven/Amy. However my love of the new does not stop me loving the old, so expect to see some Classic Who as well. 

Story: hung aloft the night
Author: saywheeeee
Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 1603
Author's Summary: The Doctor marries Amy.
Characters/Pairings: Eleven/Amy
Warnings: None.

Recced because:
Reading this is like listening to an incredibly uplifting and joyful song. It moves eloquently from one moment to the next and manages to just be happy. Saywheeeee has captured the characters perfectly and uses them beautifully. This story is the fourth part in a larger series, and the author recommends that you read the others first. However I think this stands very well by itself, though of course I urge you to read the others as well.

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