December 30th, 2010

  • pitry

rec: More Than Five Minutes by lamarnza

Story: More Than Five Minutes
 All Ages
Word Count:
Author's Summary:
 The Doctor never comes back for Amy Pond, but she learns to live without him, and to live her adventures another way. With Rory.
Characters/Pairings: Amy Pond/ Rory Williams
Warnings: None.

Recced because: It's an interesting story, this one. You're not quite sure what you're reading - is this an AU, the Doctor being erased but Amy still remembers, or none of the above? It shows a series of events that is suspiciously similar to series 5, but none of these events actually happen. But that's just the background - instead, it explores the relationship between Amy and Rory in a way that is very similar - if also very different - to the show.