January 10th, 2011


Rec for 01/10/11

Hey everybody! My name's Taryn aka pink_flame_87 and I'll be posting some recs this week. I'm going to come clean about something right now-although I've come to love a wide variety of Doctor Who themed fics, my first love was Doctor/Rose fics. I'm going to recommend lots of fics this week that have nothing to do with that pairing, but I thought why not start out with a fic that I think dispels a lot of the worst preconceptions about Doctor/Rose shipping fics. Enjoy!

Story: In Human Hands
Author: rallalon
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 159,675
Author's Summary: It's as good as any city to be swallowed up in, Barcelona. Now if only he could get this little blonde pest of a tourist to leave him alone.
Characters/Pairings: Doctor/Rose 
Warnings: please DO NOT warn for slash or het. None 

Recced because: This fic isn't complete, but it's updated regularly and has 23 long chapters to get you started. It features a fob watched nine, excellent writing, a unique storytelling style, and lots of great subtle references to the old series (and even the 96 movie) for those looking out for them. It is technically Doctor/Rose but works completely as a novel in it's own right.