April 25th, 2011

  • eve11

Rec: Holding On

Hello again! I'm eve11 and I'm your reccer for the week! I will start with a new take on a slightly older concept:

Story: Holding On
Author: peonyinblue
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 3600
Author's Summary: It was all dreadfully familiar. The fear. The running. The confusion and trust in his companion’s eyes. The cold metal of the fob watch clutched between his fingers.
Characters: Eleven, Amy
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recc'ed because: A re-imagining of Human Nature but with Eleven and Amy instead of Ten and Martha. Amy is just in the right position to fall in love and is just childish enough to keep things going when she knows she shouldn't. Romantic and hot and poignant and sad, and the love story is so much more doomed for it being Amy and Eleven because she's not only messing with the Doctor's human life, but what she does will have repercussions for when he "comes back", and she knows it.

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