May 15th, 2011

spooks - Harry/Ruth/Bench = ♥

rec: Once Upon A Time by dbskyler

And sadly, here is the end of the week already. It's been fun, as ever - I hope people have enjoyed the fics.

On how the events of S5 might have affected others who knew the Doctor:
Story: Once Upon A Time
Author: dbskyler
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 959
Author's Summary: Sarah Jane's time with the Doctor is unraveling.
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Jane Smith
Warnings: Spoilers for the finale of S5 (Fnarg/Whatever).

Recced because: It’s a beautfully written fic with a deliberate ‘storytelling’ feel in which we see how the removal of the Doctor from time and the loss of his memory might have affected others – in this case Sarah Jane Smith, who knows the Doctor better than most. It’s an excellent, moving piece of work – and also serves as a lovely tribute to the character and to Elisabeth Sladen, and is the perfect place to finish this week. (As the Master once said, a cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about – especially for one of his very best friends.)