July 19th, 2011

eat any good books lately

Rec: "Liberation (The Clock Stops Remix)"

Hi people! I'm Curuchamion, and I'll be your reccer for this week.


Story: Liberation (The Clock Stops Remix)
Author: agapi42 or agapi42
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 380
Author's Summary: "The Doctor's exile is rescinded."
Characters/Pairings: Third Doctor, Jo Grant
Warnings: none.

Recced because: This story was written for me. That gives me, more than anyone else in the world, the right to say that it's perfect. It does exactly what I could never do with this concept - says what I always wanted to say in the sequel I couldn't write.

The original double-drabble, "Liberation", was about the end of the Third Doctor's exile: about how he still felt caged and broken, wondering if he was truly free. This story is also about the end of the Third Doctor's exile... but Agapi takes all the motifs and details of the original, changes the themes, and reworks everything into a breathtaking, glorious, heart-stoppingly beautiful piece of joy.

And the climax? The defining moment, the only possible snippet for this story?

There is no way I'm spoiling y'all for that. Read the fic. And when you've caught your breath again (and hugged your Doctor, and maybe rewatched that scene in "The Three Doctors" for good measure), be sure to leave Agapi a review, even though you'll be completely speechless. ;-)
Hammond not amused

Rec: "Knights Errant" by JJPOR

Story: Knights Errant
Author: JJPOR
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 6325
Author's Summary: "So, what did happen to Brigadier Winifred Bambera and her other half Ancelyn? What happened to Bessie, for that matter? And how did UNIT become NuNIT? It's all connected, of course..."
Characters/Pairings: Ancelyn/Bambera, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Harriet Jones, Other Characters, Torchwood, UNIT, Bessie [she is too a character ;-)]
Warnings: Swearing

Recced because: Well... it's The One Where Bambera And Ancelyn Run Away In Bessie To Fight Dragons. *nods* That really ought to be a good recommendation by itself.

Let me elaborate. Brigadier Winifred Bambera - a tough, snarky black lady with incredibly butch hair - was the head of UNIT in the late 1980s, after Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart retired. In the Seventh Doctor story "Battlefield", she worked with Seven, Ace, and the Brig (ther Brig I should say *g*) to repel an invasion by Morgan leFay from an Arthurian alternate dimension. Also involved was an adorably dorky guy named Ancelyn, from the same alternate dimension, fighting on the Doctor's side; Ancelyn and "Brigadette" Bambera started up a wonderful scrappy romance.

This story is set ten years later, when Proper!UNIT is being broken up to make way for New!UNIT. It has... well. I think I'm actually going to do a snippet.

Collapse )

Also it has Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. And Bessie, Three's little yellow car (which last appeared in "Battlefield"). And Excalibur. And... well, c'mon, it's hilarious. And it's by jjpor. Why would you NOT read it? ;-)