October 19th, 2011


rec: torchwood 1913: jack be nimble

Story: Torchwood 1913: Jack be Nimble
Author: jjpor
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 64,905
Author's Summary: Ever since she was a little girl, Harriet has wanted to make her mark on a man’s world; now Gerald is offering her the opportunity. Meanwhile, in Cardiff, what seems to be the Devil himself is leading the Torchwood team a merry chase across the rooftops…
Characters/Pairings: Other characters (the early 20th century Torchwood team, Jack Harkness)
Warnings: explicit violence, swearing

Recced because: So, this is part of the For King and Country series, parts of which have been recced here before. But I think this is my favorite part, and it stands well enough on its own. It's a novella about the Torchwood of years past, and a very good historical fiction/action-adventure piece. It does have a cast of what are basically OCs (these being Torchwood agents that have been mentioned in canon but not very developed there), but jjpor is really excellent at building well-rounded and interesting characters from the small basis Torchwood has provided. I often forget that my knowledge of Gerald, Charles, and Harriet comes from these fics and not from some audio or novelization.

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