November 27th, 2011


rec: the secret origin of the phantasmagoria anomalistic coat

Well it's my final day of fic picking and I committed the greivous sin yesterday of forgetting to rec, for which I give my humble apologies. To say sorry I'm doing two recs in one! First up, we're visiting one of my personal favourite, unbeloved Doctors - Sixy! And just where did he get that terrible coat?!


Story: The Secret Origin of the Phantasmagoria Anomalistic Coat
Author: Steve61
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 3502 Words
Author's Summary: Peri learns why the Doctor wears his unusual multi-coloured coat.
Characters/Pairings: Sixth Doctor, Peri
Warnings: None
Recced because: If there's anything which makes a Sixth Doctor and Peri story fun it's when Six sounds egoy enough and Peri's has the right level of snark and charm when it comes to her talks with the Doctor. Six and Peri is one of my favourite TARDIS crews for this pretty much alone and its in full force here when the Doctor takes Peri to a world to answer the question - is there anywhere in the universe where his coat would be fashionable? The short answer is yes, the long answer... well you'll see!
Four Grinning

rec: plaything

From comedy to dark AU's... one of of the most fun (and disturbing) questions in fanfiction is to ask what might have happened if things went differently for the Doctor and his companions... and here's a decidedly dark turn on one of my favourite Doctor Who stories ever written. I hope you've liked my fic recs and I hope to take up the post again down the line sometime. Til then! :)

Story: Plaything
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3502 Words
Author's Summary: Pyramids of Mars AU: The Doctor is forced to take Sutekh's offer and save Earth, at the price of the rest of the universe. This is the aftermath.
Characters/Pairings: Four/Sarah, Brigadier, Sutekh.
Warnings: Lotta Angst plus some self-harm, character death and dub con. Hankies at the ready people.

Recced because: Yikes. This is a moving and powerful one-shot which sees Four go through the grinder as he lives with the consequences of saving his favourite world and of course his dear Sarah Jane at the expense of his very people and the billions of worlds he has travelled to before. The Doctor gets decidedly dark in this one but he's still definitely the Fourth Doctor we remember, abeit a haunted one - a tribute to this fine writer. Add one of the most heart-felt Doctor/Sarah moments I've ever read and this is a must for all Fourth Doctor fans.