March 3rd, 2012

DW: School Reunion

Fic: A Quiet Interlude

Story: A Quiet Interlude
Author: spydurwebb
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3239
Author's Summary: Set during Android Invasion, our heroes have a little bit of downtime.
Characters/Pairings: Fourth Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan

Recced because: spydurwebb is one of my favourite people in the universe, and the more she writes, the more I think she grows. She's amazing at writing the sometimes flat style in which classic Who was constructed. I watched Android Invasion immediately before reading this, and if it wasn't for the slight mature bit towards the end, it easily could have been inserted towards the end of the serial for the overthinking Doctor and the somewhat clueless Sarah Jane. Harry's always a great sidekick of course. ;)


His blue eyes pierced her, looking through to her very soul. ‘Are you happy, Sarah?’

'What?’ She sat up straight, the question surprising her. She thought for a moment. ‘Yes, I suppose I am.’ She moved her hand from his shoulder to rest against the back of his head. ‘I’m sitting here safe and secure with my best friend, what’s not to be happy about?’ She felt one of his hands shift from her waist to her lower back. She turned the question back on him, her voice low and hesitant. ‘Are you happy, Doctor?’

‘In this exact moment in time?’ With the hand that wasn’t at her back, he reached up with the back of his index finger and ghosted a line along the edge of her face. Resettling his hand along her hip, he closed his eyes and took another deep breath before whispering. ‘Immeasurably.’