March 7th, 2012


Reccers needed beginning March 26

You've all just been waiting for an opportunity to rec on calufrax, haven't you? Well, that time has come: the comm has slots starting on March 26, open to anyone, new and old reccers alike.

All you need to do is pick four to seven of your favorite fics on Teaspoon and tell us why you love these stories. All characters, pairings, genres, eras, and ratings are welcome, as long as the stories are well-written (that is, the author should know how to spell, format and the difference between "it's" and "its") and avoid attacking any particular character or pairing in a malicious way.

If you're interested, please leave a comment on the sign-up post. (You'll need to join the comm to see that post, but membership is open.)

Please feel free to link or repost this anywhere -- the more people who see it, the more volunteers (hopefully, anyway).

rec: The Quandary of the Doctor's Boot Cupboard by KaylieMalinza

Story: The Quandary of the Doctor's Boot Cupboard
Author: KaylieMalinza
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 756
Author's Summary: "Sarah Jane inquires as to the nature of the Doctor's boot cupboard."
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Jane Smith, the Fourth Doctor
Warnings: None

Recced because: I must admit I haven't seen the serial The Masque of Mandragora, where the subject of the Doctor's boot cupboard is first broached. Luckily it wasn't an issue, because not even complete lack of knowledge of the canon context could stop me snorting with laughter all the way through this story.



"Yes?" He went back to the telescope, but was listening at least halfway.

"While I was chained up in that dungeon, I was thinking about your boot cupboard."

"My boot cupboard?"


"While chained in a dungeon?" The Doctor turned his head to look at her.

"One often thinks of very strange things when awaiting one's death," Sarah said, with just a hint of sadness.

The Doctor went back to the telescope. "Don't be silly, Sarah. I wouldn't have let you die."

"It's not a matter of letting," Sarah replied tartly. "Anyhow, I suppose that's why I was thinking of the boot cupboard. I didn't really think I was going to die, and I needed to pass the time."