March 16th, 2012

DT specs of hotness

Rec: Firefighting

Story: Firefighting
Author: gallifreyburning and cereal
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2,800
Author's Summary: The aftermath of Rose and the Doctor's first week apart in Pete's universe.
Characters/Pairings: Ten (duplicate)/Rose
Warnings: None

Recced because: I originally saw this story on LiveJournal, but it began on Tumblr as "fic tennis," in which the two authors volleyed 200-word segments back and forth until they completed the story. Honestly, if I hadn't known that's how it was written, I'd have never been able to tell -- that's how seamlessly the authors' styles mesh -- but the Teaspoon version reveals who wrote what. There's a lot to love about this story: the breezy dialogue, the romantic-comedy feel of it, and an excellent sense of the chaos the Doctor would inevitably cause while trying to live a normal, domestic life.

Excerpt: Collapse )