March 17th, 2012

DW River Song (FotD)

Rec: the joy of small days

Story: the joy of small days
Author leiascully
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4,268
Author's Summary: "Come on, Time Lord. Everybody needs a day off now and again."
Characters/Pairings: Eleven/River
Warnings: None

Recced because: Even a Time Lord needs a quiet day spent with a loved one, doing nothing more adventurous than watching Casablanca on the couch. (Especially when the TARDIS agrees with River about how Eleven should spend his day, and locks him out.) I'm not always a fan of the type of story the author herself describes as "a ridiculous schmoopfest involving scones and snuggling," but Eleven and River feel so much themselves here that I fell for this story immediately – because sometimes, it's the small days that define the characters' relationship more than the big ones.

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