October 26th, 2012

  • eve11

Rec: Lost in Translation

Title: Lost In Translation
Author: Lissy Strata
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 22029
Author's Summary: The TARDIS's translation circuit is sabotaged by small, furry aliens. Then it all goes downhill from there.
Characters/Pairings: First Doctor, Ian, Barbara, Susan
Warnings: None. Except don't be drinking anything while reading.

Recc'ed Because: I am so happy that this story got finished in time for me to rec it! The entry says Unfinished but the last chapter is entitled "Epilogue" and it's...well it's a fantabulous ending to a hilarious romp, so I'm going to call it finished for the purposes of recc-ing. Since I recc-ed a very dark and bleak story yesterday, now it's time for something completely different. I'm talking about cantankerous One, earnest Susan, Ian and Barbara adjusting to the weird Life and Times that come with the TARDIS... and a community of alien Possums, complete with generals, angry moms, angry mobs of moms, cults, scientists, insecure teenaged soldiers, LARP-ers, and sci-fi writers. Possums. With names like Murray, Philly, Squigly and Maude. Whose children stay out to all hours of the day and likely forget their protective sunglasses. There is also mystery, celebrations, kidnappings, captures, escapes, rituals, games, reluctant apologies, and a trial. Oh, and did I mention the TARDIS translator circuit goes missing early on?

Honestly I don't read a lot of the first Doctor. I'm not very familiar with the era, but this story makes me want to read more. It is like what would happen if the very first TARDIS foursome starred in a Whovian Panto play. Actually, much of it reminds me of the silliness (brilliant silliness) of the Big Finish Audio "The One Doctor." Anyhow, I laughed. A lot. Even if you've never seen one episode of William Hartnell & crowd, this story will make you laugh too. The visuals are cracktastic, the story zips all over the place (although manages to seamlessly switch around POVs very effectively), and well, it's just plain fun.

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