November 13th, 2012


We need reccers. No, really. REALLY.

I posted a call for reccers a couple weeks ago, but now things are really dire: we have no one signed up for the next two weeks, and no one at all after mid-December. I'll be cross-posting this message to a few other comms in the hopes of drumming up some more people, and please consider doing so yourselves. The comm survives only if people volunteer to rec fics.

If you or anyone else you know is interested in reccing, please leave a comment in the sign-up post. (You don't need to be a member to view that post, though you'll need to join to rec.)

Thanks, everyone.
spooks - Harry/Ruth/Bench = ♥

rec: lost art by eponymous_rose

Story: Lost Art
Author: eponymous_rose
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1262
Author's Summary: This, a new world, full of alien sands and discovery.
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Jane Smith, Third Doctor
Warnings: None.

Recced because: It’s a perfect, beautiful vignette of Sarah’s very first alien planet that also plays lightly with the differing reactions of Sarah and the Doctor. What more can I say? It’s a gorgeous, brilliant little capturing of a moment and their characters. Just go and read it - you won't regret it.