February 26th, 2013

  • annauq

Too Beautiful To Live

I queued this one so I hope it works out.

Story: Too beautiful to live
Author: TygerTyger
Rating: teen
Word Count: 1702
Author's Summary: "I didn’t kick you out. I gave you up."
Characters/Pairings: Amy Pond, Rory Williams
Warnings:  trigger warnings for infertility, miscarriage and surgery trauma.

Recced because: Asylum of Daleks was without doubt my favourite episode of series 7A. Granted, it isn’t flawless, but the one thing it made absolutely clear I think is that travelling with the Doctor is not without risks and can leave scars. It was hard-breaking to learn that what Amy went through in ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ has in fact had serious consequences, and this fic explores that concept beautifully but also respectfully. The author describes it as ‘tough to write, and likely tough to read’, and I agree with that. It turns one of the most memorable visual moments of the episode into something else entirely, but somehow it fits. Most of all though, it is a bittersweet study of Amy and Rory and their relationship, and it fits into the series seamlessly.

 I was going to rec it in combination with another story by pocketmouse; second and third definitions, but that fic was recced not so long ago (all the better, it is well worth a read). During one of my late-night treks through the teaspoon I stumbled upon them one after the other, and consequently they are now forever linked in my mind. I encourage you to read this one first and then (re)read Pocketmouse’s story.

Oh and as always, let the author know what you think.