March 1st, 2013

  • annauq


About a year ago I watched The War Games, and was left with a hole which needed to be fixed. This story is the best ‘Zoë remembers’ story I’ve come across, and I thought I’d share it with you all.

Story: Eidetic
Author: locker_monster
rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1058
author's summary: there are others who have forgotten the Doctor.
characters/pairings: Tenth Doctor, Zoë Heriot
warnings: none

recced because:

This story is simply beautiful in all its aspects. The language and the descriptions recreate Zoë’s entire life and character in just a few sentences, and the characterisation is just perfect. The parallels between the war games and the ending of series four are obvious, yet here they are handled with a subtlety and delicacy I’ve not seen before.

It’s also a touching look inside the Doctor’s mind, and how he never really lets go of those who leave him. In just a thousand words the author explores this and creates a heart-warming look at the bond between the Doctor and his former companion.

I really cannot describe the feel and brilliance of this story any more without giving it all away, so please, just go and read it. Even if you don’t know who Zoë is, give it a try.