May 29th, 2013

Rec: The Man In Black by aralias

Story: The Man In Black
Author: aralias
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 957
Author’s Summary: Like John Smith, Yana tells stories about a madman with his face and a time machine.
Characters/Pairings: Professor Yana, Chantho
Warnings: none

Recced because: In a word, haunting. We get so little time with Professor Yana in the series, and everything we see of him is focused on his work on the rocket. What else was he like? What were his hobbies? How did he interact with people who weren’t time-traveling alien scientists?

This wonderful piece – short and, yes, bitterly sweet – is a character study of Yana, through the medium of the stories he tells to children. After all, the truth lies at the bottom of the stories we tell of ourselves.

Change in Calufrax schedule

Effective Monday, June 3, calufrax will be moving to a biweekly (every other week) posting schedule.

As always, I'm really grateful to those of you who have stepped forward to rec fic for this comm. This community depends on people like you to survive. Unfortunately, with LJ slowly going the way of the dinosaur, we no longer have enough volunteers to sustain a weekly schedule. (We have had one volunteer from Tumblr, which was great -- more Tumblr users are welcome, too, what with this comm being cross-posted there.)

If you'd like to rec for calufrax, we have open slots beginning August 5. Please consider volunteering, bugging your friends about volunteering, hiring skywriters to promote volunteering, etc. You can sign up anytime by leaving a comment on this post.


Reccing period poll

Earlier today, I made a post saying the comm would now run biweekly. A couple of members have suggested running reccing periods for two weeks instead, so I'd like to sort out what people would prefer.

This poll will stay open until Friday, June 1, 8pm EDT.

This poll is closed.

How should we handle reccing periods?

Reccing periods run every other week.
Reccing periods run for two weeks, with the same amount of recs as usual (4-7).
Reccing periods run for two weeks, with a different amount of recs I'll discuss in the comments.
Some other really clever solution I'll discuss in the comments.