November 19th, 2013

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rec: Just the Two of Us by kesdax

Hello, calufrax! In a fit of muddle-headedness, I forgot to introduce myself yesterday (sorry!), but what’s a little non-linearity in this fandom? Anyway, I’m lost_spook (vvj5 on Teaspoon), and I’m your reccer for the next two weeks, steering us over the upcoming anniversary weekend (with some extra recs, gosh). I’m still very much in love with all eras of our favourite 50 year old TV series, so hopefully there’ll be something for everyone at some point along the way. And now, in terms of recs, I think I could honestly say I’m going from the sublime to the ridiculous here, so let’s waste no more time in idle chat…

Story: Just the Two of Us
Author: kesdax
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1155
Author's Summary: That one where the Master and the Rani get stranded on a desert planet.
Characters/Pairings: The Master (Ainley), The Rani
Warnings: None.

Recced because: As it says, it’s the Master, and the Rani, stranded together on a deserted planet with a broken TARDIS. And, as it happens, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Yes, people, if you’ve ever wondered what happened after the ending of The Mark of the Rani, here is your answer! It’s a fic filled with bickering, death threats, unaccountable moments of life-saving, and hyperbole. And a dinosaur. I grinned pretty much the whole way through, and I hope you will too.