January 24th, 2014


Rec: Jo Grant, Assassin for Hire

Last rec of the week! Remember, if you're interested in reccing fics yourself, we're always looking for volunteers – just drop me a line at our sign-up post.

Story: Jo Grant, Assassin for Hire
Author: vvj5
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1,222
Author's Summary: A girl’s got to keep herself in platform boots and plastic daffodils, after all.
Characters/Pairings: Jo Grant, Third Doctor, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Warnings: none

Recced because: I'm genuinely shocked this hasn't been recced yet, but all that means is that I get the pleasure of doing so myself. Jo often doesn't get enough credit as a companion; she's perceived as "the ditzy one," and sure, she can be a bit flighty, but what if that's just a characteristic masking a far darker talent? After all, no one said assassins for hire had to be dour, serious folks; they could just as easily cheerfully stab someone with a knitting needle or feed someone some festively decorated poison cakes. And thus Jo acquires a new backstory I'm perfectly willing to believe is true, although I suppose your mileage may vary there.

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