April 21st, 2014

  • eve11

Drift by Lady Mercury

Hello calufrax! I am your intrepid recc-er for the next two weeks, and I have ten stories of various lengths, eras and genres to rec for you that all share one common trait: they are all fantastic.

To wit, I'll start with something short and haunting:

Title: Drift
Author: Lady Mercury
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 408
Author's Summary: It's so quiet he's certain the silence will kill him if the lack of air doesn't get him first.
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor
Warnings: None

Recc'ed Because: To be meta-metaphorical, this whole little fiction is like a balancing act on a precipice; so very short, but you get the sense that any deeper delving is like looking down over a chasm. It's Eleven and the TARDIS: the boy and his box agains the maw of the universe, drifting and holding on to what they can. It's equally logical/mathematical (it is not often outside of mathematics proofs that one uses "suppose" in lieu of a 'being' verb, but I am sure this is deliberate) and emotionally stirring, a perfect character study of Eleven back when it was written in 2011 and now that his run is over as well.

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