November 17th, 2014

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rec: A Message in the West

Hello, and happy Monday! I'mkaffy_r, and I'll be providing you recommendations for the coming week. All of the stories I've collected this time around are short, and in a couple of cases they are very short. But they're examples of stories that either have made me think, or have provided me with a great deal of enjoyment - and sometimes both. If you read any of these, it would be wonderful if you could let the author know you've read by leaving a comment!

Story: A Message in the West
Author: scarlett_key
Rating: all ages
Word Count: 4,330
Author's Summary: Martha Jones’ walk across the world brings her to Seattle, where she encounters a pirate radio station perfect for getting the word out about the Doctor. When she finds the pirates, she has to argue her case to another doctor before she can access the airwaves.
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, other characters
Warnings: none
Recced because: Crossovers are always a revelation to me, largely because they show me the talent of a writer. In fact, they generally stand and fall on that talent. The broader the stylistic chasm between worlds, the tougher the challenge for an author. scarlett_key handled this extremely challenging crossover, between Doctor Who and the NBC sitcom “Frasier,” really well, something  I wouldn’t have thought possible, especially given its setting, during the horrific Year That Wasn’t. It’s wonderful (in a somber, Year That Wasn't way) to see my favorite show, and one that I liked a great deal, come together so believably.

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