December 26th, 2014

Doctor Who: Victoria

Rec: The Devil's Harvest

Story: The Devil's Harvest
Author: vvj5
Rating: teen
Word count: 3395
Characters/parings: Sixth Doctor, Clara Oswin Oswald
Author's summary: Clara's alone in a wood in the middle of the night, but there's something else out there...

Recced because: The concept of what it must be like for Clara in the Doctor's time-stream, to be all those Claras, different yet the same, over and over, is an intriguing idea only just touched on in the show. This fic is a very well-done take on that concept. You can hear the voice of the Clara we know perfectly in this fragment of her, and her brief meeting with the Sixth Doctor here works very well, as he's equally well-written. This is an eerie story with some mentions of gore, and obviously, because it's a time-stream Clara, this version of her does die, but it's fascinating to hear her thought process as she realizes what's happening, and heartbreakingly poignant too, especially at the end. This story would be perfect reading for Halloween, but I had to rec it today, because I want everyone else to go read it too.

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