December 28th, 2014

Doctor Who: Ian & Barbara

Rec: When the Boat Comes In

My reccing period comes to an end today, and I've had so much fun re-reading all these favorites and pointing more readers to them. I look forward to doing it again someday! For my last day, here's a little gem that I can't believe hasn't been recced here before:

Story: When the Boat Comes In
Author: vvj5
Rating: all ages
word count: 515
Characters/pairings: Ben Jackson/Polly Wright
Author's summary: Ben and Polly, coming home again.

Recced because: There's not a great deal of fic for Ben & Polly, so when you find a good one, you treasure it all the more. This is a short but excellent look at their relationship after they came home, and their voices are captured perfectly. It's sweet but not syrupy, and will definitely put a smile on the face of anyone who's always rooted for our duchess and sailor to find happiness together. Guaranteed to make you go 'aww'!

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