March 30th, 2015


Who's got two thumbs and is out of Calufrax reccers?

That'd be me. (Strictly speaking, the comm itself has no thumbs, but you get the idea.)

We are out of reccers as of April 20. If you've been reading this comm for a while but have never stepped forward to rec, please consider it – everyone, new and old reccers alike, is welcome to rec. (Tumblr folks especially welcome – I know you're out there! See below for how you can pitch in.) All you need to do is select 4-10 stories that haven't been recced before and that meet the comm's fairly basic rules (well-written/formatted, no bashfic, etc.). Reccing periods last two weeks; complete rules and sign-up instructions in this post.

Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, and other users reading this: you don't need a LiveJournal account to rec! If you're interested in reccing, you can comment in the sign-up post, leave me an Ask, or email me at nonelvis42 on Gmail. (Note: if you're a Facebook user who wants to volunteer, please contact me by email; I have no Facebook account, and LJ doesn't send OpenID users comment notifications, so I have no reliable way of reaching you beyond email.)

Please feel free to repost/reblog this at will; the more who see this, the more likely we get volunteers. Thank you!