May 19th, 2015


Rec: "The Revolution Will Not Be Analysed," by JJPOR

Posting on behalf of Styrofoam monster on Teaspoon.

Story: The Revolution Will Not Be Analysed
Author: JJPOR
Rating: All Ages
Word count: 2257
Characters: Ace, Seven
Summary: From up here, she could watch the city burn.
Warnings: none

Recced because: It's Seven and Ace exactly the way they should be. A simile that compares the doctor to a slam poet, Ace reading Hannah Arendt, and a serious reflection on that oft-ignored point - what happens after the Doctor leaves in his TARDIS. The revolution itself is drawn vividly, with tantalizing hints dropped about the state of affairs before the pair arrived, even though the focus is firmly on Ace and the Doctor. Ace's perspective is lively and fascinating - she's written as the intelligent, observant character she is. The seventh doctor plays devil's advocate and teacher, forcing Ace to question and defend what they do everyday. The answers she comes to - are interesting, especially in light of the poem the fic takes it name from.

Excerpt: Collapse )