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rec: Just Impediment by Doyle

Just a word in hello. I'm reccing this week (known as vvj5 on Teaspoon) and the fics should be a fair mix of old and new Who. I hope you enjoy. Let's start the week with some humour:

Story: Just Impediment
Rating:All Ages
Word Count: 4961
Author's Summary:Queen Elizabeth I is marrying a Mr William Shakespeare (no relation) and there's a mysterious blue box in the alley outside Mrs Miggins' pie shop; Edmund Blackadder is on the case.
Characters/Pairings:Tenth Doctor

Recced because:I'm still slightly amazed I'm the first to rec this downright brilliant story. It is a crossover, but everything you need to know about Blackadder is in the fic. The only reason I can thinking of for someone not liking this is a) the reader is dead or b) has no sense of humour.

For continuity hounds, it explains the reason Elizabeth I wants Ten dead, for New Who fans, there's Ten (running around madly, getting arrested and engaged, as he does) and Classic fans will be gleefully ahead of the Doctor in guessing the meddling Time Lord's identity. Plus, those who do know Blackadder will not only be rewarded with what appears to be a missing episode of Blackadder II, but use of Baldrick so perfect I nearly cried. If you like sarcastic humour and historical hilarity, why are you still hanging around here? Go read!
Tags: author: doyle, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: lost_spook, type: gen

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