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rec: tortoise and hare, by lithrael

This is my last rec for the week as my computer has died a traumatic death and libraries aren't open on Sundays. Thanks for having me; apart from computer issues, it's been very enjoyable.

Story: Tortoise and Hare
Author: Lithrael
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 8189
Author's Summary: Peri and Erimem rope the Doctor into a little fun..
Characters/Pairings: Five/Peri/Erimem
Warnings: Graphic sex

Recced because: The Fifth Doctor's modesty is spot on. It's brilliant to read Peri and Erimem slowly breaking down the Doctor's barriers. Not a word is wasted in this not so little gem.
Tags: author: lithrael, companion: erimem, companion: peri, doctor: 5, pairing: 5/erimem/peri, rating: adult, reccer: tromana, type: threesome

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