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Rec: Crossing Parallels, by Persiflage

Story: Crossing Parallels
Author: Persiflage/persiflage_1
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 11,542
Author's Summary: Investigating a potential alien invasion, Martha meets a stranger with a very familiar face.
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, Luther Arkwright, Torchwood, UNIT
Warnings: Sex

Recced because: I'll admit up front that Luther Arkwright is by far one of my favorite fictional characters and this fic, in many ways, is personal wish-fulfillment. As he is a polyamorous, telepathic, Tantrist, multiverse-traveler, the idea of Arkwright slipping into the world of Doctor Who makes so much sense to me as a crossover and, in this story by persiflage_1, that is exactly what happens. Helping to fill the unfortunate dearth of Arkwright fanfic, she brings us a tale where Luther crosses paths with UNIT MO Martha Jones and assists both her and UNIT during an attempted alien invasion. As Martha comes to terms with this strange gentleman who looks much like a white-haired version of the Tenth Doctor*, she soon learns that he is a rather different man in many ways and also, along the way, she learns a lot about herself, leaving her more empowered than ever before. I feel that persiflage_1 nicely balances both the adventure and romantic elements of the plot, all the while spotlighting these two exciting characters and leaving us with an intriguing crossover.

* David Tennant voiced Arkwright in the Big Finish audio play, 'The Adventures of Luther Arkwright' (also highly recommended)

"I come from parallel Zero-Zero. It is a uniquely stable continuum and as a result has very advanced science and technology, and is the most peaceful version of Earth. The science of this Earth grew by leaps and bounds since it was unfettered by the socio-religious prejudice usual on other parallels. John Dalton perfected his Theory of Relativity by 1800, and in 1816 Franz Joseph Gall proved the existence of psionics to the scientific establishment. The first man and woman set foot upon the Moon in 1820, and in 1832 Charles Babbage completed BINAC, the first electronic stored-programme computer. By the early 1850s world poverty and famine had been eradicated."

He nodded at the look of astonishment on Martha's face. "The tenets of religion held back the advancement of science on many parallels, but on Zero-Zero, without religion to hold it back, science advanced far faster. Since the early 20th century some us in Zero-Zero have been involved in the Valhalla Programme, which was created to monitor parallel worlds and observe the predicted fluctuation of historical trends. They built a massive hyper-computer called WOTAN, which was conceived as an integral part of the structure and project. WOTAN was designed to scan the continua, to correlate, analyse and display information on the status of the myriad parallel worlds. In particular, its role was to help those in the Valhalla Programme to deal with the Disruptors in other continua."

She gave him a quizzical look. "Why do I get the feeling these disruptors have a capital letter?"

He gave her a wry smile. "Probably because they loomed very large in my life for a very long time," Luther answered. "To a large extent they are responsible for me being more than human now."

"That's the story you won't tell me until we're both awake," she commented. He nodded. "So why are you here? Do I need to warn UNIT about an imminent Disruptor attack?"

"Oh, no, I completely destroyed them all some time ago. I'm here to stop the simian mechanoids."

Martha blinked at the casual way he mentioned the destruction of the Disruptors; if nothing else, it proved that this wasn't the Doctor because the Time Lord would not have been so relaxed about it: she still remembered the state he'd been in after the loss of the Dalek-Human hybrids in New York, and how she'd tried to help him. She filed that away for further thought, when she was actually awake.

Tags: author: persiflage, companion: martha, pairing:martha/luther arkwright (xover), rating: adult, reccer: radiantbaby, type: het

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