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Rec: Opportunity, by nonelvis

This is my final rec for the week. Thank you so much for having me and I hope that you enjoyed at least some of the stories I posted about. :)

Story: Opportunity
Author: nonelvis/nonelvis
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 1854
Author's Summary: Reinette is accustomed to seizing opportunity, and the Doctor is opportunity waiting to be grasped.
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Reinette
Warnings: Sexual situations, Light BDSM/Kink (D/s)

Recced because: This is one of the first smut!fics I ever read in fandom and I still think it is one of the hottest things that I've ever read. In this fic, nonelvis gives us a highly erotic interlude between a dominant!Reinette and somewhat submissive!Tenth Doctor. And while this fic may be categorized as a 'PWP', there is actually a plot there, lingering in the background, skillfully and subtly intertwined with the more sexual elements of the story. In fact, I actually think this fic is an excellent character study of both the Doctor and Reinette and an enticing look at the dynamics of their relationship with one another. There is a powerful, yet somewhat tragic story packed within this little gem, but also some gorgeous, sexy smut that never seems to lose its titillating spark after multiple rereads.

She draws him down for a kiss. This, at least, the Doctor seems able to handle, and quite well, too, now that Reinette has reminded him about how it works, but when she starts unbuttoning his shirt, he pulls away from her, uncertainty writ across his face. Reinette has seen that look on other men, that paralysis of desire and fear that can only be broken if they're absolved of responsibility. It is a little disappointing to discover that despite the Doctor's fairytale trappings, his knowledge of secret doors and his ability to step through her mind as if taking an afternoon stroll, in this way, he is not so different from an ordinary man.

Fortunately, Reinette has played this game before, learning to act either role and experiencing each one's unique pleasures.

"Down," she says to him, firm and commanding. "On your knees."

His eyes widen and he looks worried, as if he can't quite believe what she's said to him. Reinette lifts a hand to the top of his head, pressing him toward the floor. "I said down."

This time he complies, swallowing nervously, but Reinette can see he's growing hard already.

"Lift my skirts and lick me." She leans back against a wall and fluffs the front of her silk gown towards him for emphasis. In that first tense moment before she knows he's fully hers, he looks so beautiful, so vulnerable kneeling at her feet, and the tension only serves to increase the warm wetness between her legs.

Tags: author: nonelvis, character: reinette, doctor:10, pairing:10/reinette, rating: adult, reccer: radiantbaby, type: het

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