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Cover Stories (All Ages)

Story: Cover Stories
Author: ChristinaK
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 3266
Author's Summary: Maybe they should have left the party when things started to get strange. (A crossover with Firefly)
Characters/Pairing: Rose, Jack, Firefly crew
Warnings: Mandarin swearing. Captainly nekkidness. Smooching.

Recced because: Anyone who knows me knows I love a good crossover. For some reson, DW and Firefly are perfect together when done right. This? Done right. ChristinaK (butterflykiki on LJ) has a deft touch with dialogue and character. The basic plot is that the crew of Serenity has gone to a ball with Inara in order to steal a painting. Only, it's a defabricator party, and a quarter of the guests (including Mal and Simon) are now naked. And then River (Tam, not Song) runs into a naked, handsome man who has his own agenda, which might just include giving River her first kiss. The author knows how to speak River's language, which makes the story all the more fascinating and hilarious. Take a look at a snippet:

Reaching up, River swung herself above the floor by using her fingertips on the lintel of the doorframe, and somersaulted over and onto the dark leather couch–

--and landed on a naked male body.


"Eee!" River quickly stifled her shriek, freezing in place, eyes wide, every muscle arched away from the person she'd landed on.

"Hmph. Hellooo, sweetheart." Instead of reaching for her, the man leaned back, hands behind his head, tight muscles stretching, smiling bright and welcoming. River blinked at him, her heart pounding, and he imitated her, the grin on his face widening. "Just thought you'd drop in?"

"You're not supposed to be in here." How could he not know he wasn't supposed to be here? How could he look so comfortable being pounced on, since he was here? "Here is not where you're meant to be."


Kaylee's fireworks went off, smoke and sparks and the sprinklers, and people were shrieking and rushing around. Alarms started to sound, blaring through the room, and somewhere she could hear her name, but it had nothing to do with her, because his lips were on hers, and all the gravity was gone.

warm lips, soft slow, tease, and tongue, and slick, and oh


sweet and sad, and lost, and a stab of emptiness, and then all of it lost in steaming warmth spreading through every muscle


familiar, and there was a voice, saying good night Princess, see you in your next life


--and she was being yanked back, soft suction between their lips brutally broken, and as first kisses go, this one, wet and dancing and with a warm, naked, focused male, was spectacular, and over far too soon.

"Hey!" she yelled back into Simon's face, dripping wet. Ridiculously, he was wearing a tea towel while trying to hold onto her arm. "Kissing here! Not your business! Go find Kaylee!"


Incidentally, if you like this one, the author does have a follow-up vignette posted on her page which isn't so funny, but is just as gorgeous.
Tags: author: christinak, companion: jack, companion: rose, rating: all ages, reccer: honorh, type: gen

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