mizz_destiny (mizz_destiny) wrote in calufrax,

Story: Doctor Who and the Nowhere Men
Author: Rowena Zahnrei
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 69403
Author's Summary: Doctor Who, meet the Beatles! When the TARDIS is yanked off course by a disturbingly powerful force, the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler find terrible shadow creatures are stalking John Lennon. Where are they from? What do they want? The solution may force the Doctor to break the 1st Law of Time.
Characters/Pairings: Ten, Rose, Four, Sarah Jane, Harry Sullivan
Warning: WIP

Recced because: Doctor Who AND The Beatles. What else could you ask for? How about an intricate timey-whimey plot! It's really well done as the Doctor and Rose try to save the Beatles' lives, while the Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry thought they were just going to enjoy the music! There's also neat glances of history and a whole society based on the music of the band! SO. MUCH. FUN.

Like I said, there is a warning that this is a work in progress story. It was last updated on December 27, 2008. It's well worth the read though!
Tags: author: rowena zahnrei, companion: harry, companion: rose, companion: sarah, doctor: 4, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: mizz_destiny, type: gen

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