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To The Rescue

Hi I’m Clocket and I’ll be your assigned reccer for the next seven days. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you a nice selection of lengths and eras with a good crack-to-angst ratio. Since I’m swamped with school this week I wrote most of these up a good month in advance so here’s hoping no one steals the recs.

Story: To the Rescue
Author: dbskyler
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1381
Author's Summary: Sarah Jane is in Aberdeen! Help is on the way.
Characters/Pairings: Sarah-Jane, Jack Harkness, K-9, Jo Grant, Romana II, Harry Sullivan
Warnings: probably best not to be drinking anything that might wreck your laptop when reading this

Recced because:
Mondays need a bit of humour, therefore I bring you this wonderful and highly plausible fic about what Sarah-Jane did after getting dumped in Aberdeen. Did she weep and angst in a corner, a helpless little maiden in distress?
– of course not! She’s Sarah-Jane!
The Doctor, however, is set on the notion that she must be rescued, and sends various companions to do the deed; the results are predictably hilarious as Sarah-Jane rolls her eyes at each in turn and gets on with her sight-seeing (this involves wild misappropriations of UNIT funding).

He broadened his trademark grin. "Captain Jack Harkness," he said. Then he reached out an arm and put it around her shoulders. "There, there," he murmured in a soothing tone. "There, there."

She looked at the arm in confusion. "What are you doing, Captain?"

"I'm consoling you," he replied.

"You're what?"
Tags: author: dbskyler, companion: harry, companion: jack, companion: jo, companion: k-9, companion: romana ii, companion: sarah, rating: all ages, reccer: clocketpatch, type: gen

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