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Rec: Fishbowl

Story: Fishbowl
Author: etherati
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1871
Author's Summary: Introspection post-TV Movie. The Doctor has this problem, see, where he cannot ever let go or give up on anyone. It'll be the end of him one day.
Characters/Pairings: Eight, Grace
Warnings: Spoilers for the TVM

Post TVM, Grace lingers a little longer in order to get the details of what exactly happened, and the Doctor tells her a bit about the Master. The author does an excellent job in fitting the relationship we saw between the Eight and Roberts!Master during the TVM into the general flow of all that's gone before, and allows the Doctor all the complex emotions we would imagine him having after the events of the movie.

“Listen to me. He tries to kill me how many times, tries to steal my ship, how many times... innocents terrorized and hurt, worlds and people sacrificed, broke every rule in the book - even the good ones,” he adds defensively, arching an eyebrow, not one to talk about breaking rules. “...and I'm worried about doing justice to his motives.” He shakes his head at himself, slumping back onto his hands against the ledge. “I've got a bit of a problem, don't I?”
Tags: author: etherati, companion: grace, doctor: 8, rating: all ages, reccer: isiscaughey, type: gen

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