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Rec: The Hypothetical Love Affair

Story: The Hypothetical Love Affair
Author: zoicite
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 5189
Author's Summary: The entire thing began as an attempt to get back at Donna’s mother.
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble

Recced because: Yes, I admit... I (and a few others) coaxed zoicite into joining the Teaspoon purely so I can rec this fic here.

This is my favorite Ten/Donna fic period. What I like the most about zoicite's stories is that - even when things get complicated and sex gets involved - the friendship between Ten and Donna is still treated as the most important factor, the most indomitable aspect of the relationship. It's fantastic, because there are so many Ten/Donna het writers these days that tend to lose sight of that.

Even if you don't ship them romantically, give this a go. You'd probably be pleasantly surprised.


“You woo people with time and space,” Donna said, her voice a little quieter now. “And then you are surprised when it works and they fall in love with you.”

That part he could agree with.

“But not Donna Noble,” he said, filling in the blank.

She smiled. “We know each other too well for that anyway, yeah? We’re best like this. Partners, friends. Wouldn’t want to screw up a good thing.”

Tags: author: zoicite, companion: donna, doctor:10, pairing:10/donna, rating: teen, reccer: morgeil, type: het

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