Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote in calufrax,
Lurky McLurklurk

rec: making an impression by rutan

Story: Making an Impression
Author: Rutan
Rating: Teen
Word count: 1540
Author's summary:
Characters/Pairings: Three/Liz, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Warnings: BDSM, Non-con

Recced because: I don't buy the Doctor (even the supposedly authoritarian Three) as a top, particularly, but this fic sells it, particularly in the sexist milieu of the era when the show was made (other shows at the time were much, much worse than Who in this respect, though the fact that canon doesn't contain fail such as "Two spanks Zoe out of being a feminist after they restore a planet ruled by women to the Right Way of Doing Things" seems to me to have been more luck than judgement). But more than that it sells Liz's deliciously complicated response to the situation.
Tags: author: rutan, character: brigadier lethbridge-stewart, companion: liz, doctor: 3, pairing: 3/liz, rating: teen, reccer: ionlylurkhere, type: het

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