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rec: the utterly non-committal, generic, all-purpose eleventh doctor story, by magnus greel

Hello! I'm dbskyler, and I'll be your reccer for the week. I'll be bringing you a mix of recs -- New Who and Classic, gen and shippy, funny and fluffy and dark. I hope you find in these recs at least one new story you enjoy.

Story: The Utterly Non-Committal, Generic, All-Purpose Eleventh Doctor Story
Author: Magnus Greel
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 474
Author's Summary: Some things of some sort happen to a Doctor we don't know yet, and Unspecified Companion. They suffer greatly at the hands of some old enemy or historical figure or maybe a vacuum cleaner with a faulty wire causing it to blow up and emperil the universe. It's hard to say.
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor, Unspecified Companion
Warnings: None

Recced because: As the author says in the author's notes, "Writing for a Doctor we know nothing about yet poses certain difficulties." This story unabashedly plays it safe by simultaneously including every possible alternative in a brief but hilarious look at a future Eleventh Doctor adventure. What makes this fic so brilliant, though, is that in among the extremely funny "let's-cover-all-the-possibilities" jokes are some very specific predictions for the Doctor Who tropes we all know and love, and will definitely be seeing in the future!

"Well, Unspecified Companion, where shall we go today?" the Eleventh Doctor said, in that way he has of saying things.

"Surprise me!" Unspecified Companion replied, wearing a costume of some kind, with an expression on her or possibly his face. "Just don't make that mistake with the Tardis controls that you always make, and/or do that quirky thing you do that always gets us into some sort of trouble!"
Tags: author: magnus greel, companion: unspecified, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: dbskyler, type: gen

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