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Drinking Tactics for Nine Hundred Year Old Minors

Story: Drinking Tactics for Nine Hundred Year Old Minors
Author: riversrunthroughme
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 4273
Author's Summary: “This is ridiculous,” said the Doctor at last, disbelievingly. “I’m nine-hundred and three years old. I shouldn’t be carded.” The adventures of Sally Sparrow and Eleven. (Response to the Jessa L'Rynn April ChallengeII lulz!)
Characters/Pairings: Eleven, Sally Sparrow
Warnings: Doctor age casting spoilers, if you somehow have been living under an internet rock these past six months...

Recced because:
Now that we’ve all got over the shock of the new Doctor, we can get down to business pondering the potential ramifications of this newest and as-of-yet unseen incarnation. For example, what might happen if his companion pranked him by, say… stealing the psychic paper just as he’s about to place his order at the pub?

Pure silliness, lulz, and socks. This story manages a plot, characterization, and backstory even as absurdities pile on absurdities. If you don't giggle at least once at the Doctor's predicament you are a hard, mirthless being.
Tags: author: riversrunthroughme, character: sally sparrow, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: clocketpatch, type: gen

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